Powered by EDUonGo, MyVocabulary.com Launches Premium Membership Subscription for K-12 Teachers

Vocabulary open education resource now offering premium membership subscriptions

For teachers looking to strengthen their students’ reading comprehension and verbal skills, MyVocubulary.com offers interactive vocabulary puzzles for a subscription fee of $5 per school year. Their new premium membership gives teachers access to a greater selection of puzzles as well as the ability to customize them.

Powered by cloud-based eLearning platform, EDUonGo, MyVocabulary.com is an interactive website that includes over 2,500 pages of high quality vocabulary resources across curriculum in Latin root-word based study, all of which align with Common Core standards.

“Instead of the typical flashcard and definition approach, our interactive puzzles delve into root-word study,” says Carey Cook, co-founder of MyVocabulary.com. “Our activities save teachers time and students learn faster and retain vocabulary longer.”

20,000 K-12 teachers have used MyVocabulary.com’s beta version and more than 300,000 unique visitors use the word puzzles every month. Activities include 90 different academic subject and calendar-themed word puzzles, vocabulary lists for 155 books/novels/plays, a Daily Root Word puzzle and 250 SAT and ACT test prep words in at least 60 distinct resources.

For more information about MyVocabulary.com’s premium membership, visit https://www.myvocabulary.com/subscription.

About MyVocabulary.com
MyVocabulary provides interactive resources that are self-paced and align to Common Core State Standards. Content features include word puzzles and word games using Latin or Greek root-based activities to enhance reading comprehension and literacy at grade levels. Go to http://www.MyVocabulary.com – Learning a HOOT when you know the ROOT!

About EDUonGo
EDUonGo enables anyone to share knowledge through an online learning environment. Schools, institutions and individuals partner with EDUonGo to host online academies through its cloud-based platform. In addition to providing features found in leading learning management systems, EDUonGo gives users the flexibility to customize the system and integrate third party tools. For more information, visit http://www.EDUonGo.com.


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