Powered By EDUonGo, Ucodemy Launches Itch, A Hybrid Version Of The Scratch Coding Program

Teachers turn to Itch to save time and effort

For teachers looking to adopt an optimal resource to teach coding in the classroom, Ucodemy offers Itch, a hybrid version of the Scratch program in ready-to-go coding lessons.

Powered by EDUonGo, a cloud-based eLearning platform, Ucodemy used EDUonGo’s LTI feature to combine Scratch, a popular visual programming language, with their learning management system.

In addition to providing the same free activities found at Scratch.com, such as interactive stories, games and animations, Itch also integrates ready-to-go lessons inside the Scratch user interface. Teachers also have the option of creating their own coding courses.

Because of the program’s single unified experience, students are able to bypass the inconvenience of managing multiple browser windows.

“Itch is a resource that provides all of the features of the Scratch coding program but without the hassles of the open Internet,” says Jason Rukman, Principal at Ucodemy.

By providing each teacher a private workspace, students’ projects can be shared instantaneously with their classmates and teachers. The secure social network also makes it easy for teachers to manage student projects without the clutter or noise of millions of other users.

“Itch gives my students and I reliable access to the tools found in Scratch as well as video tutorials,” says Cheryl Steenson, teacher at Secondary Academy for Success in Washington State. “Itch helped me incorporate coding into my English class, where students can tell creative, interactive and meaningful stories while learning a real life skill.”

Currently, Itch is offering a limited number of free teacher accounts. Claim yours before they are all gone by visiting http://www.ucodemy.com/itch.

About Ucodemy
Ucodemy delivers educational resources to teachers in the classroom so they can effectively teach their students computer science. http://www.ucodemy.com.

About EDUonGo
EDUonGo enables anyone to share knowledge through an online learning environment. Schools, institutions and individuals partner with EDUonGo to host online academies through its cloud-based platform. In addition to providing features found in leading learning management systems, EDUonGo gives users the flexibility to customize the system and integrate third party tools. For more information, visit http://www.EDUonGo.com.

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