Powered by EDUonGo, Ucodemy Launches Summer Coding Boot Camp for K-12 Teachers

Company now accepting registrations for live online training courses.

When it comes to building essential skills, Coding is quickly joining the ranks with Math and Science. For K-12 teachers eager to learn and implement coding in their classrooms in the coming school year, Ucodemy will be hosting a series of online boot camp courses. A limited number of registrations will be accepted; to reserve a spot, click here.

Courses will be held during the weeks of July 25th and August 8th. Ucodemy staff will use ITCH—the Scratch teacher dashboard—to train teachers for coding. Five, one-hour long Google Hangout sessions are included as well as technical support for online activities.

Powered by EDUonGo, a cloud-based eLearning platform, Ucodemy is a company that delivers educational resources and training to schools and teachers, including coding curriculums, collaborative teaching tools and professional software coaching. Ucodemy’s staff works closely with teachers to help them effectively teach their students computer science.

On April 1, 2016, EDUonGo staff will join Ucodemy at Microsoft’s TEALS CS 2016 Puget Sound CS Fair. With more than 1,800 students expected to turn up, both EDUonGo and Ucodemy staff will have an opportunity to share their experiences in computer engineering to students on the field trip.


About Ucodemy
Ucodemy delivers educational resources to teachers in the classroom so they can effectively teach their students computer science. http://www.ucodemy.com.

About EDUonGo
EDUonGo enables anyone to share knowledge through an online learning environment. Schools, institutions and individuals partner with EDUonGo to host online academies through its cloud-based platform. In addition to providing features found in leading learning management systems, EDUonGo gives users the flexibility to customize the system and integrate third party tools. For more information, visit http://www.EDUonGo.com.

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