Powered by EDUonGo, Clintondale Community Schools District Launches Public Online High School

Online high school opens door for international students to earn U.S. high school diplomas.

EDUonGo, a cloud-based learning platform that hosts online academies, announces its agreement with Clintondale Community Schools in Michigan to build the first online public high school for international students. Students approved for the program will enroll in courses that are accredited towards U.S. high school diplomas.

Spearheading the effort is Greg Green—superintendent of the Clintondale Community Schools. Green is widely regarded as a pioneer of flipped learning, a teaching method that reverses the learning environment of lectures and homework. During his tenure as the Principal of Clintondale High School, Green upended the traditional model of education by flipping the entire school. This method continues to be facilitated at the school through EDUonGo.

“Today’s technology can grant international students the same opportunities our students have,” says Green. “We want education to bring hope on a global scale—and I believe our online high school will play an important role in that process.”

The online courses will include U.S. History, U.S. Government, English, Math and Computer Science. To determine a student’s eligibility for enrollment, Clintondale will evaluate their transcripts and TOEFL English language test scores. Students must also provide proof of permission from the schools they are currently enrolled in.

“We are excited to expand our services for Clintondale and to create an online high school,” says Ridvan Aliu, CEO of EDUonGo. “Having worked closely with Greg to facilitate flipped learning, EDUonGo will easily leverage all of Clintondale’s existing material and transfer it for the use of their online school.”

Clintondale’s online school courses will begin in September, 2016. If your school is interested in being part of this program, contact info(at)eduongo.com. To learn more about the school, visit http://clintondaleschool.com.

About EDUonGo
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