Become a software engineer in two years and travel to Switzerland!


Are you interested in becoming a software engineer? Our partner, Jean Monnet Department of European Studies, now offers a two-year certificate program in software engineering.

Did we mention the one-week bootcamp in Switzerland?

Students ​who successfully complete 2/3 of their first year will be flown to Locarno​,​ Switzerland, to work with their peers in Jean Monnet’s computer lab​. Lodging is included.

Learn from world class engineers

Jean Monnet instructors are distinguished engineers, directors and solution architects. With decades of combined experience in the tech industry, they’ve develop world-class projects across the globe for fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Disney.

What courses look like

Classes consist of pre-recorded online lectures, live interactive sessions, quizzes, assignments and final projects to help build your portfolio.

Rather than just memorizing equations for a test, you will implement your knowledge in real working situations. You will also experience a high-level of peer-to-peer collaboration as you learn class concepts.

All graduates receive an official certificate issued by Jean Monnet.

Reserve your spot by applying today!

About Jean Monnet

Jean Monnet Department of European Studies is a nonprofit organization that brings together leading medical and business instructors from universities across Europe and the United States. Sponsored by the European Union, all of the department’s undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs are facilitated online. Jean Monnet was created by the Lugano subsidiary of Zaklada Europa, a nonprofit foundation under Croatian law that has been operating since 2013, which facilitates implementation of the European Center for Education and Research. To learn more visit

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