WEBINAR Apr. 8: Turn Online Learners into Raving Fans!


Join us Saturday, April 8 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET, to learn how to develop an awesome online learning experience and establish a strong base of learners!

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This time we welcome special guest Marie Gervais PhD., CEO Shift Management. Marie will reveal the techniques she uses to help her learners bond with course content and learning community—including how to develop and market online courses by using surveys, video and targeted conversations.

Join our conversation and find out how to adapt these strategies for your online school!

Learn how to…

  • Understand your audience through surveys, polls and online questionnaires
  • Structure multiple engagement platforms so learners bond with the content, the instructor and each other.
  • Use video to introduce and communicate with learners throughout the course.


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More about Marie Gervais…

Marie Gervais, PhD., CEO Shift Management, helps ignite careers through online training for leadership development and intercultural workplace competency.

Marie’s passion is to help her clients create the best learner experience. She loves coaching small businesses towards a learning and leadership and helping newcomers to Canada develop job hunting skills to find satisfying work.

Her company, Shift Management, has leveraged multiple online learning tools to create custom courses, programs and 150+ video tutorials. She runs Shift Academy on the EDUonGo platform and has a team of five who work on content creation and marketing to refine and promote Shift’s online courses

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