Why we built EDUonGO

“My passion is to help you build awesome online courses and sell them”

Our story
Hi, I am Ridvan Aliu, founder of EDUonGo. Let me tell you some of the history behind EDUonGo.

Why and when did it all start?

After working as a software engineer for giant corporations such as Disney, Microsoft and Amazon, I launched out and founded my own software consulting firm called Real Visualz, located in Bellevue, Washington.
To grow my engineering team, I decided to hire engineers from Eastern Europe. The next big hurdle was to figure out a way to train them remotely. I realized the best way to do this was to use a virtual academy for convenient on-the-go learning.
I could put together a WordPress blog and customize it to fit my needs. It could work; however, this would require an almost unending incorporation of third-party applications.
Another option was to sign up with Moodle, a popular open source learning system for creating virtual academies. The problem with this was that I would need to hire a whole team of engineers just to customize and maintain it according to my needs. It would be complicated and costly.
I soon realized that neither of these options, nor any others I investigated, would provide what I needed.
I wondered...

There must be others like me looking to create online courses without the headaches that come with setting up software and technology.

This was when EDUonGo emerged (May 2012)

After creating my own eLearning system to train engineers over in Europe, I decided to transform the platform into a default tool for educators ‒ think WordPress for eLearning. This tool would be able to help anyone to create their own online course without needing programming knowledge.
In January 2013, I made the leap by making EDUonGo available to the public.
For anyone who doesn’t know how to put online courses on a server or customize them, EDUonGo is their solution. With EDUonGo, anyone can launch their own online academy in less than a minute. Updates are automatic and our IT team will help you maintain your academy so that it doesn’t become a legacy system.
In addition, EDUonGo incorporates third-party applications so that you can bypass the hassles of pulling from multiple resources across the web. The platform also comes with a built-in payment system that your students can use to pay for your courses.
Today, we have over 1000+ academies from 102 countries in different fields. Our customers range far and wide; from Yoga practices in Portland Oregon to Animal Therapy training in Lakewood Colorado; Cooking School in Av de la Paz, Panama, to Vocational Training in Melbourne Australia.