How do I add an Office Mix into a lesson?

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first was is to add a Mix to a video container in a lesson. The second way is to download the Office Mix app and add it as an external tool to a lesson.

Need help getting started? Watch our video tutorial or follow the steps below!

Here’s how to do it the first way.

  1. From the dashboard, enter the “Courses” tile.
  2. Next, select your course.
  3. Either create a course —or, enter an existing course and click “Edit.”
  4. Navigate to the right-hand menu and click the video icon “Add Video.”
  5. Click “+Add Video.”
  6. Select the Office Mix search option, enter the title of the video in the search engine bar, and click “Search.”
  7. Select the video by checking to box, then click “Add videos.”
  8. Click “Save.”

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