How do I prepare for a Live Session?

Audio Test for EDUonGo Live Session

Please ask all your Live session participates to do the following system check ahead of the meeting

  1. For best performance, use Firefox or Google Chrome
  2. Use a headset with mic
  3. Go to
  4. Enter their name and hit join
  5. When asked “How do you want to join the audio?”, select “Microphone”
  6. Depend on the browser; you will see different way to allow your mic to work. Make sure you hit allow, this is an important step for your audio to work
  7. Audio Test – if your mic is working, you should hear your own voice coming out from the computer speaker or your headset

For the presenter

  1. Use Firefox, Chrome has a known issue on screen sharing
  2. Do the same system check above
  3. Create and start the Live session on EDUonGo
  4. Again make sure you “allow” your mic when asked
  5. In the “Audio Setting”, use the “Test or Change Microphone” and “Test Speakers” buttons to confirm your audio is working
  6. Click on “Join Audio”
  7. “Mute All Users Excerpt Presenter”
  8. Only unmute the participate who like to speak
  9. Use the presentation window to upload your slide deck
  10. Provide links for videos

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